Precise online data about graveyard sites contributes to higher incomes and better management of cemeteries.

An innovative online cemetery program is guaranteed to save you time and increase your earnings.
Invest without risk using our 30 days free trial!

After 30 days, your subscription pays for maintenance of the program / base and technical support.
The basic monthly packages are 20 € + 1 cent per graveyard.


The cemetery program contains a set of software tools for managing cemetery operations and customer relationships.

The cemetery program allows you to:
The cemetery program allows you to:
– keep a precise database of graves,
– map grave sites on the cemetery,
– keep a database of records,
– keep a database of service users,
– create and monitor work tasks,
– search and filter data,
– monitor contracts and payments,
– improve accounts payable and revenue by introducing new services.

Innovative characteristics of the program are based on accumulation of knowledge, as well as on the top expertise and professionalism of our team.

Data available whenever you need it
How much time do you waste by accessing data through a physical filing system?
Time is money – use Cemetery.Software located in Cloud.
Your data is stored safely on servers, where you can access them from any computer, tablet, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Funeral and burial information
Inform clients and visitors about the date and time of scheduled funerals.
Your site will receive a piece of code for automatically displaying information about burials.


All new users receive a 30 day FREE trial!

You can start using the cemetery program completely risk-free, there’s no payment for installing and using it.
After 30 days, you pay a monthly subscription for maintenance of the program / base and technical support.
The basic monthly package is 20 € + 1 cent per graveyard.
Monthly supplement for:
– Each additional access order – 10 €
– Custom printing and invoicing – 20 €

Migration of your data
If you have information about grave sites / buried persons in a database (SQL, Access, Excel …), we can import existing data into our cemetery program.
Import price – 200 €

Specific services that are outside the basic offer are charged in agreement with the client.

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Say goodbye to the old and inaccurate paper cards of the cemetery.
We suggest quality mapping by aerial shooting a graveyard with a drone.

Recording a drone from a low height (up to 30m) provides the ability to accurately record every graveyard.
This means that when zooming the map, a good resolution will be provided with clear visibility of every detail in a graveyard.

Price for recording of the cemetery using a drone – 300 € + travel expenses

Take photos, enter data, and map a graveyard
If you do not have a grave record, we can take pictures of all the grave sites, enter information from the memorial of the buried in the program, and map the locations of graves on the digital map.
The cost of photographing, entering data from the monument and mapping is 1 € per graveyard.


Our specialization in the development of cemetery management software enables us to provide a comprehensive service of unique quality.
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